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"Life is a lot like jazz. It's best when you improvise."
- George Gershwin

My debut album "Recipes" is a collection of "life-recipes". Every song either represents a lesson I learned from life, or is a reminder of my values. It's about the love of nature, the sea, cooking, painting and dancing, as well as healing, mindfulness, adventure, joy, trust and wildness. The CD design was created and produced with devotion to detail - for everybody who enjoys browsing through thick booklets and searching for small, hidden Easter eggs. I hope you enjoy it!

I was very lucky to be able to work with these very special musicians: Axel Pape (drums), Lukas Moriz (piano) & Bastian Weinig (bass) and the featured guests: Tony Lakatos (tenor sax), Shai Maestro (piano), José J. Cortijo (percussions), Lutz Hoyer (oboe & English horn) & Andrea Hoyer (cello)

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